Sustainable Support System for Student Success (S5)

The Sustainable Support System for Student Success (S5) was started through Title V funding from the U.S. Department of Education. The purpose of the project is to strengthen the pipeline from high school through community colleges leading to higher enrollment and retention of Hispanic students at UTSA.

Some of the activities of this project include: 

  1. College/Career Transition Guidance to address academic, personal, and psychosocial challenges faced during transitional points from high school or community college to UTSA.
  2. Create Communidades Unidas Para La Educacíon (CUPE) organizations at 10 sites to provide parent leadership and outreach training to families.
  3. Sponsor La Universidad de la Communidad as an open resource to increase communication and provide learning and college access information to Hispanic students and parents. Information provided includes:
    1. Transition to College
    2. Transition from School to Work
    3. Resources for STEM Majors
    4. Community Resources
  4. Graduate students and educators will provide mentoring services to students enrolled at UTSA through the Academic Allies program.
  5. Integrate service learning opportunities into the teacher preparation programs at UTSA that provide opportunities for teacher candidates to experience and become better familiarized with the Hispanic communities being served by the public.
  6. Provide professional development training to faculty and staff of local districts.