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Academy for Teacher Excellence

The Academy for Teacher Excellence (ATE) was founded by Dr. Belinda Bustos Flores in 2003 under the College of Education and Human Development (COEHD) as a center for school districts, community colleges, the private sector and UTSA to collaboratively research, design, implement and evaluate educational programs that address emerging, statewide and local educational issues associated with a growing diverse student population. A major focus of ATE is to leverage resources to better prepare teacher candidates and in-service teachers working with a diverse student population. To that end, ATE will guide the preparation and retention of teachers who will demonstrate the attitudes, knowledge and skills of a Culturally Efficacious Teacher (Flores, Clark, Claeys, & Villarreal, 2007).

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Our Mission

Recognizing that UTSA is the premier institution for higher education in South Texas, ATE’s mission is to collaborate with community colleges, community agencies, and school districts by:

  • Supporting Latino students to overcome financial, psycho-social and institutional barriers that traditionally hinder their full participation in a university program. Learn More.

  • Increasing the sensitivity and preparation of faculty to address these barriers within their delivery of curriculum and instruction. Learn More.

  • Increasing the number of UTSA teacher certification programs that become nationally recognized by their success in addressing the increasing cultural and linguistic diversity of the student population. Learn More.

  • Conducting quantitative and qualitative research that informs administrators, teachers, university faculty and community members with “best practices” that close the educational gap and set the educational standard among diverse student groups in this country. Learn More.

  • Creating school, community and university linkages that assume responsibility to prepare children for the 21st Century and are accountable for the academic success of all students through a seamless P-20 educational system. Learn More