Teacher Support

Teacher Development

ATE provides opportunities for continued professional development for both preservice and inservice educators. Multiple opportunities and avenues are available for educators to receive ongoing support. 


Professional Development

ATE provides year round professional development for teacher candidates and veteran teachers. Teachers can earn CPE hours for their attendance, which can be used toward the renewal of their Standard certificate. Visit the ATE Calendar to see a list of all upcoming workshops and events.


eCommunity of Practice (eCofP)

The eCommunity of Practice (eCofP) is an online community of educators that overcomes the limitations found in single mentoring systems. It allows educators to receive and provide support anytime and anywhere. Through the eCofP educators can:

  • Join a community of teacher candidates, beginning, and veteran teachers.
  • Easily collaborate and network with peers and colleagues.
  • Facilitate mentoring, networking, and other professional development activities.


The eCofP is organized into topic specific portals. Each portal contains courses and a forum specific to that area. The individual courses provide resources to support classroom instruction. Through the forums educators can:

  • Share relevant online resources and teaching and learning strategies,
  • Respond to others by answering any questions posed and/or make comments,
  • Seek guidance by posting challenges faced in the classroom.


Career Transition Guidance

Participants receive psychosocial support to help them make the transition to teaching. Career Transition Guides (CTG) use the LIBRE Model to work with participants to help them navigate through the psychosocial phases of teaching and problem solve the challenges they are facing in their classrooms and in their personal lives. The goal is to affirm and empower self-efficacy skills needed to consciously manage the processing of concerns and problems as they arise. 


Teacher Quality

The Teacher Quality grant program is designed for teachers of Algebra I and provides high quality standards-based professional development. Teachers grain a deeper understanding of mathematics concepts, specifically related to Algebra I by attending summer workshop sessions and attend follow-up sessions during the academic year. Teachers implement strategies/methodologies into their classrooms and share with other teachers.