UTSA ATE-SAMC (Teacher Quality) Algebra I Grant


The UTSA ATE-SAMC (Teacher Quality) Grant program for teacher of Algebra I (middle and high school) welcomes the partnership with your district to provide high quality standards-based professional development. All grant participants are expected to commit to the following:



To successfully complete this program, all participants are expected to:

  • Attend all summer workshop sessions, three weeks which includes CAMT
  • Attend follow-up sessions during the academic year (one Saturday per month)
  • Implement strategies/methodologies into their classrooms and share with other teachers and allow classroom observations


To support teachers in completing the program, all schools are expected to:

  • Allow teachers to implement strategies/methodologies into their classrooms
  • Allow classroom observations by authorized personnel



Teachers participating in the program:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of mathematics concepts, specifically related to Algebra I
  • Align classroom instruction to help students master the TEKS/STAAR Standards
  • Develop strategies for working with all students
  • Receive books and other materials
  • Receive materials and stipends upon completion of required commitments:
  • Summer, fall, and spring stipends: $400 each
  • Travel stipend to attend CAMT and possibly other conferences.


School Districts and Campuses

San Antonio ISD

Jefferson HS

Burbank HS 

Navarro Academy 


Edgewood ISD

Gus Garcia MS 

Brentwood MS

Memorial HS 

Kennedy HS 



Northside ISD

Stevens HS 

Holmes HS 

Connelly MS 

Rayburn MS 


Southwest ISD

Southwest Academy 

SW 9th grade Campus 


Charter School

Positive Academy 


Collaborative Efforts Between ATE and Departments

College of Education and Human Development

Academy for Teacher Excellence

College of Sciences


Faculty Members:

Dr. Lorena Claeys, Executive Director and Research Associate, Academy for Teacher Excellence

Dr. Emily Bonner, Principal Investigator, Department of Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching

Dr. Betty Travis, Emeritus Faculty, Department of Mathematics