A federally funded Title V Cooperative Development Grant initially established the Teacher Academy Learning Community (TALC). TALC provides minority, especially Hispanic/Latino, and low-income diverse student populations with an opportunity to work with other students who have similar backgrounds, academic interests and who have made the commitment to work together and support each other to overcome obstacles that have traditionally discouraged this population from completing a University education. The programs established and implemented through TALC assists students to complete their teaching certification and degree program by addressing academic, emotional and psychosocial challenges a university experience may bring. TALC is a model for increasing the number of Latino, ethnically diverse, and low-income students pursuing teacher certification in the critical shortage areas and STEM related fields. TALC also helps to prepare all teacher candidates to work with linguistically and culturally diverse populations. 


TALC accomplishes its objectives through recruitment, retention, and transition strategies by:

  • Recruiting undergraduate students who seek certification, particularly in teaching shortage areas: bilingual education, mathematics, science, and special education.
  • Retaining undergraduate teacher candidates to successfully degree and certification completion and retain TALC participants as novice teachers.
  • Providing a smooth transition for undergraduate teacher candidates from the community college to full integration at UTSA. In addition, ATE helps ease first year teachers’ transitions from teacher candidates to their first professional in-service career.


Students participating in TALC benefit from the following services:

  • Free admission into ALL ATE hosted events and workshops
  • Membership in the eCommunity of Practice (eCofP) for online resources
  • Career Transition Guide (CTG) to assist with learning and personal needs
  • Access to the library of text books and resources
  • Qualify for the ATE Student Teacher Scholarship


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