ATE works with school, districts, community colleges, and community organizations in various efforts to improve support services to teacher candidates and students seeking degrees. 


Partnership Advisory Leadership Stakeholders (PALS)
The Partnership Advisory Leadership Stakeholders (PALS) is comprised of representatives from the various San Antonio area school districts, community colleges, community programs, teachers, parents, students, and community leaders. 


Meetings and forums held for PALS provide the organization a means to serve its purpose, which is to:

  • Engage in critical reflection and dialogue;
  • Serve in an advisory capacity to ATE and its demonstration projects;
  • Make recommendations for improvement, sustainability and expansion; and
  • Strengthen the UTSA, community colleges, and school districts partnerships.




To join the PALS team, please send an email with your name, email address, and organization affiliated with to


Community Lab Schools

The Community Lab Schools project is a partnership between San Antonio ISD, the College of Education and Human Development, and ATE. The purpose of the project is to provide ongoing job embedded professional development and work in collaboration with campuses to explore and implement innovative and research based strategies for in-campus improvement in teaching and student achievement to become a welcoming place to learn.


21st Century Learning

The 21st Century Learning project is a partnership with San Antonio ISD to provide materials and training to support the implementation of the La Clase Mágica Informal Learning Clubs at 7 campuses across the campus.


Hispanic Women’s Network of Texas (HWNT)

ATE partners with HWNT to provide outreach opportunities. Each year the HWNT hosts a scholarship competition for Hispanic students. In order to qualify for the scholarship students must participate in a series of workshops. ATE hosts workshops for the HWNT scholarship series regarding the journey to college and 21st Century skills.


P-20 Parent Summit

ATE partners with the Office of P-20 Initiatives to host a one-day summit for parents and students to develop leadership and skills to advocate for equity and excellence for their students.


National Science Foundation: Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program

Potential science and math teachers from local community colleges receive mentoring and tutoring services to increase the likelihood of their success. These students participate in UTSA’s GE2MS program which will enable them to finish in two years with a degree in science or math and teacher certification.


Alamo STEM Workforce Coalition

The Alamo STEM Workforce Coalition is a partnership with ATEAMS, ESC-20, P16+, SA Works, UTSA, and WSA.  Our ultimate goal is to increase student awareness of careers in the Alamo region by coaching employers to provide engaging externships for educators, providing professional development and coaching for teachers to engage the future workforce with real world challenges for problem solving, and strengthen business-education partnerships that foster community economic development.