The La Clase Mágica: Nepohualtzitzin Ethnomathematics Club is an interdisciplinary and communal Mathematics and Cultural club that utilizes both ancient and modern tools to engage students. Students learn to use the Nepohualtzitzin, which is an ancient Mesoamerican instrument similar to an abacus.  Through exposure to, and use of the Nepohualtzitzin, students are able to see and manipulate counters and perform calculations on the instrument.  Use of the Nepohualtzitzin facilitates their understanding of place value and mathematic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and square root.  


The club is run in an informal learning setting through after-school clubs held at campuses around San Antonio.  Student participants are paired with a university student who helps guide their learning in an informal setting, which will reinforce and build upon their mathematical skills.




Students participating in the clubs benefit in the following ways:

• Develop an augmented potential in students’ daily use of mathematics

• Develop students’ ability to think and apply reasoning skills

• Stimulated memory, concentration, and focus

• Utilizes a method for creating students’ mental agility

• Encourages thought association and sharpens mental calculation abilities


Click HERE to download the Ethnomathematics Nepohualtzitzin Club brochure.

Click HERE to download the Ethnomathematics Nepohualtzitzin Club brochure in Spanish.



Edgewood ISD

Las Palmas Elementary

EISD Family Center

Westside Girl Scouts Leadership Center- Genius Lab

Northeast ISD

Regency Place Elementary

San Antonio ISD

Briscoe Elementary

Crockett Elementary

Douglass Elementary 

Maverick Elementary 

Young Women’s Leadership Academy 

Somerset ISD

Somerset Elementary

Southside ISD

Losoya Intermediate

JL Matthey Middle

Southwest ISD

Medio Creek Elementary

Summer Program:

Martinez Street Women’s Center 


For more in-depth information and resources about the Nepohualtziztin club visit the Informal Learning Clubs Portal on our E-Community of Practice website: You may also contact the Nepohualtzitzin Club Coordinator, Cecilia Moreno at