The La Clase Mágica Informal Learning Clubs provide opportunities to create a platform for aspiring STEM teachers to gain experience in working with Hispanic students and assist them in complying with their service learning requirements. In addition, they provide Hispanic students with opportunities to live and experience STEM related activities that increase their interest in the STEM areas, higher education, and promote 21st Century skills.


ATE works with schools across San Antonio that have high numbers of minority, Hispanic, and low-income students to establish the informal learning clubs at their campuses. ATE assists the campuses in the following ways:

  1. Establish and provide resources to operate the three projects
  2. Assure teacher candidates each semester meet their service learning requirements
  3. Coordinate with a local school district to provide space for the operation of the three programs




La Clase Mágica (LCM)

LCM is sponsored in collaboration with the Departments of Bicultural-Bilingual Studies and Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching. LCM gives Hispanic children access to resources they otherwise might not have at home or school. Development in bilingualism and biliteracy is possible via multiple means and helping them develop their digital literacy in a culturally relevant manner. While primary emphasis on language and literacy are in Spanish the children also develop their English literacy skills via websites, YouTube videos, computer games and apps. The experience for UTSA teacher candidates provides them access and training for the latest technology and an understanding of how these innovative devices can be effectively used as a mediator to develop language and literacy for young bilingual students.


Robotics Clubs

ATE is partnering with San Antonio schools to assist them in the development of Robotics Clubs at their campuses exposing Hispanic students to mathematics, science, engineering, and technology concepts. These clubs also challenge them to be creative while they are learning STEM related concepts. 


Ethnomathematics Nepohualtzitzin Club

The Ethnomathematics Nepohualtzitzin club is a unique club that focuses on introducing mathematical content through a historical perspective. Its objective is to increase student interest in mathematics and mathematical history by learning about the Nepohualtzitzin and ancient Mayan culture.



Dr. Belinda Flores, Professor and Department Chair, Department of Bicultural-Bilingual Studies

Dr. Maria Arreguin-Anderson, Assistant Professor, Department of Interdisciplinary Learning & Teaching

Dr. Lucila Ek, Associate Professor, Department of Bicultural-Bilingual Studies

Dr. Margarita Machado-Casas, Associate Professor, Department of Bicultural-Bilingual Studies

Dr. Patricia Sanchez, Associate Professor, Department of Bicultural-Bilingual Studies

Dr. Timothy Yuen, Faculty Researcher, Department of Interdisciplinary Learning & Teaching



Campuses: To find out how your campus can work with ATE to set up an informal learning club please contact the ATE office at (210) 458-6170.


Undergrad Students: To find out how you can volunteer in one of these clubs contact Deborah Chaney at or contact the ATE office at (210) 458-6170.


Informal Learning Club Brochure