The Alamo STEM Workforce Coalition is a partnership with ATEAMS, ESC-20, P16+, SA Works, UTSA, and WSA.  Our ultimate goal is to increase student awareness of careers in the Alamo region by coaching employers to provide engaging externships for educators, providing professional development and coaching for teachers to engage the future workforce with real world challenges for problem solving, and strengthen business-education partnerships that foster community economic development. Some of the strategies implemented include:


Employer Coaching: The Coalition partners with local organizations to provide site visits, technical assistance, and bridging to school districts.


Professional Development and Coaching for Educators: Project Based Learning, coaching, classroom support/implementation, bridging to employers, graduation/career pathways support.


Business-Education Partnerships: Facilitate relationships between ISD and local employers, coach ISD and employer to create meaningful externships/internships/mentorships/job shadow, encourage formalized partnerships.